ACURA 2010 ZDX 3.7L V6 Belt Drive Belt CONTINENTAL 840K6 Mileage Maker

Mileage Maker Fits   Serpentine Belt ACCESSORY DRIVE
or Accessory Drive; Multi-V

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Construction Features:

  • EPDM compound
  • Polyester fiber tensile members
  • Straight ribbed belt design
  • Highly flexible
  • Abrasion and oil/chemical resistant
  • Temperature stable from -30F to 140F
Number of Ribs 6
Top Width (in) 0.825
Top Width (mm) 20.955
Belt Type Poly-V Belt

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 0029930996, 04593685AA, 04892680AA, 1523037, 25060840, 25060841, 252122G710, 38920RCAA01, 38920RCAA02, 38920RCAA03, 4593685AA, 4892680AA, 4L3E8620EB, 4L3Z8620EB, 4L8E8620AB, 4L8Z8620AB, 4S4Q6C301FA, 4S4Z8620FA, 5060840, 5060840DR, 56992R70A01, 56992RKB004, 56992RKB4, 56992RV0A01, 56992RV0A02, 56992RV0A03, 5L3E8620EA, 5L3E8620FA, 5L3Z8620EA, 6K840, 6K841, 6PK2130, 6PK2135, 6PVK2135, 88GB450P839, 88GB453P839, 88GB459P839, 909162659, AJC115908, BR3Z8620E, F65E8620CA, JK6844, JK6846A, K060840, K060841, K080840, K8406, PK060840, PK060841


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