ACURA 2010 ZDX 3.7L V6 Belt Drive Belt DAYCO 5060840 Main Drive

Main Drive

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Dayco Serpentine belts are all made of EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomers) material and are compliant with the latest standards required by the automotive industry, guaranteeing resistance, reliability, low noise and a longer service life.

Features & Benefits:

  • High bending flexibility for use on small diameter pulleys
  • Resistance to high operating temperatures for a longer service life
  • Adapting to the demands of the automotive sector, Dayco has developed the latest generation of serpentine belts for the aftermarket, capable of handling high workloads, while maintaining constant high performance.
Rib Quantity 6
Top Width (in) .82
Effective Length (in) 84.00
Effective Length (mm) 2133.60
Outside Circumference (in) 84.66
Outside Circumference (mm) 2150.37
Rib Profile W or V Profile (Running Change)
Material EPDM, Aramid Reinforced
Cross Section K-Section
Rib Depth Standard
Color Black
Standards SAE J1459, SAE J2432
Minimum Operating Temperature (C) -42.7
Maximum Operating Temperature (C) 100
Minimum Operating Temperature (F) -45
Maximum Operating Temperature (F) 212


Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 04593685AA, 04892680AA, 252122B000, 252122G710, 38920RCA003, 38920RCAA01, 38920RCAA03, 38920RCAA05, 4L3E8620EB, 4L3Z8620EB, 4L8E8620AB, 4L8Z8620AB, 4S4Q6C301FA, 4S4Z8620FA, 56992R70A01, 56992RKB004, 56992RV0A02, 56992RV0A03, 5L3E8620EA, 5L3E8620FA, 5L3Z8620EA, 88GB450P839, 88GB453P839, 88GB459P839, 9091602659, F65E8620CA


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